About us

Born in 2018, DMZ Transport is a family owned company in Nordjylland, that offer standardized and specialized transport services.

We know how important time is for everyone, so for us “as soon as possible” is no reason to stress. We treat our customers as part of our family, delivering any order in time, shortening the waiting - with no exception, and also providing a friendly customer service and a great chat with our drivers.

Everyday, our cars drive over 2000 km, covering all the locations in Denmark. We shrink the distances between people and we never slow down the enthusiasm, because we have a great team of wonderful people.

You can follow our daily transport chronicles on our Facebook page.

Our Values

Customer First

We treat our customers as part of our family and we cater to everyone’s needs. We value everyone’s unicity and we respect all the requests.

No challenge is too big

We keep the world moving and no matter what the requests are, we make sure to accomplish them in the most professional way.

Always On Time

We know how valuable time is, so we don’t waste any minute from your precious time. Just name the time, the place and we’re there.

Full Transparency

We guarantee no hidden costs. Everything remains as initially established and we offer every detail that is required and important to you.

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DMZ puts at your disposal a dedicated team to take care of all the formalities and to make sure your packages get to the destination safe and in perfect condition.
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